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Brick Pizza Ovens

Brick Pizza Ovens

Brick pizza ovens have a hearth and dome that are made from refractory bricks (high heat bricks). The design is a direct replica of ancient bakery ovens. Traditional brick pizza ovens are fueled by wood, but gas and coal can also be used. Pizza purists believe that a wood-fired brick oven is the only way to make a pizza.

  • Best for: Brick pizza ovens are ideal for any pizzeria that wants to create authentic pizzas using traditional baking methods.
  • Cooking temperatures. On the stone hearth, where the pizzas will be placed, proper temperatures will be between 700 and 1,000°F.
  • Power type. Brick pizza ovens can use wood, coal or gas to heat up the interior. Some wood-fired units are available with a gas backup.
  • Cooking time. When the temperature is in the correct range, it can take between 90 seconds and 5 minutes to cook a pizza, depending on the pizza's thickness and how many are being cooked at once.

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